eaten by Mark Borchardt.

In 1980 at the age of fourteen, Mark Borchardt realized what he had to do.  He bought his first movie camera, a Super-8 that barley focused, for forty dollars from a friend down the street.  With this came a horror movie titled The More The Scarier, Mark’s first film, which was shot in his backyard and local cemetary.  After this, Mark went on to shoot five more shorts while erratically drinking and getting high.

Borchardt was the subject of the acclaimed documentary by Chris Smith, AMERICAN MOVIE (1999) as Mark was finishing his short horror film COVEN. He continues to write and act and direct, recently appearing in Frankie Latina's super-8 spy film MODUS OPERANDI (2009). Mark is starting a new web series in 2014 called OUT AND ABOUT.

commissioned at Millioke, Milwaukee, WI.
cinemad visa no. 62.