A quick reminder what Lunchfilm is - it started by accident, a filmmaker didn't have cash on him at lunch because he puts everything he has into his films. I bought lunch. Instead of buying me a whole lunch in return, why not make a film for that money he would have spent instead? Film before food. We made some rules on a napkin, since we were talking about film during the lunch, things we liked or didn't like, so the napkin reflected what was on our minds.

All in the spirit of fun but it hopefully shows others how easy it is to help a filmmaker out. All of these artists would keep working regardless. But maybe it was an inspiration or extra bump for him/her to make something. Maybe it was a chance to try something different, per the rules. Or the challenge - you talk about what's right and wrong in film - go make one.

At the very least, a lunch funded a short film. You can probably afford lunch or a little more. So feed a filmmaker today.