made by Kevin Everson. (aka “Raphaela Ring Munchen”, 2006, 4 minutes)
Reference tenure.
Have a gutter shot.
Have some food.
Make a physical object to accompany the film. (He made a cast iron stopwatch.)

For the past nine years, Kevin Everson has explored the working class culture of Black Americans in over 20 short films. To Everson, "the conditions, tasks, and gestures" in these communities "reveal the relentlessness of everyday life as well as its beauty." Currently an assistant professor of art at the University of Virginia, Everson has presented his artwork and at such venues as New York's Museum of Modern Art and Whitney Museum of American Art, White Chapel Gallery, London, and in Italy, China, and Germany.

commissioned at a Marriott in Park City, UT. cinemad visa #008.