made by Eileen Maxson. (aka “A Protected Witness: Clarkson v. Maxson”, 2006, 2 minutes)
Reference Texas.
Put a doppelganger in the film.
You must appear in the film.
Have an image inside another image.

Eileen Maxson drowns in white walls and cable television, emerging on occasion to press record. Dubbed by the Village Voice as the "Transmedia Cindy Sherman for the MySpace generation", her selected screenings and exhibitions include the Aurora Picture Show, Houston; Betty Rymer Gallery, Chicago; The Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas; DiverseWorks, Houston; Museo Tamayo de Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City; LACMA, Los Angeles; New York Underground Film Festival, New York; Ocularis, Brooklyn; and the Portland Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, Portland. Maxson is also the first recipient of the Arthouse Texas Prize and grants from the Artadia Award, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County, and the Austin Film Society. Maxson also contributed footage to Jem Cohen's feature film Chain, and appears in Illegal Art, a DVD compilation and exhibition organized by StayFree! magazine.


commissioned at Casino El Camino, Austin, TX. cinemad visa #007.