eaten by Rodney Ascher.

Rodney Ascher is the director/editor of the film ROOM 237, a documentary exploring the signs, symbols, meanings, and metaphors five very different people have discovered within Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING. He is the winner of the 2012 Fantastic Fest Award for Best Director, Documentary and the 2012 IDA Creative Achievement Award for Best Editing.

Working with producer Vernon Chatman, he edited Andy Kaufman’s first comedy album ANDY AND HIS GRANDMOTHER.

Previous work includes numerous independent shorts (including the infamous THE S FROM HELL) as well as TV commercials,  internet quickies, and music videos (in his most recent he killed Matt & Kim and Soulja Boy and Andrew WK). Not so recently, he curated PHOTO-FICTIONS, a show of narrative photography at the Showcave Night Gallery.


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