eaten by Michael Almereyda.

film must:
-explore the ever changing textures of film and video stocks.

Almereyda’s films include Twister (1989), Another Girl Another Planet (1992), Nadja (1994), The Rocking Horse Winner (1997), Hamlet (2000), This So-Called Disaster (2002), Happy Here and Now (2003), William Eggleston in the Real World (2005), Paradise (2009), and The Ogre's Feathers (2011). He has written for the New York Times, Artforum, Bookforum, The Believer, and The Criterion Collection. He is the editor of two books: Night Wraps The Sky: Writings By and About Mayakovsky (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008) and William Eggleston for Now (Twin Palms, 2010).

commissioned at Veselka, New York, New York. 
cinemad visa #57