made by Randy Walker and Jennifer Shainin. (aka "Whiskey Priest", 2009, 10 minutes)

film must:
have old folks in it.
some sort of industry.
help people speak.
have some QnA.

remember: "you can't force them to care"

Only bits and pieces here and there are known about RANDY WALKER.
After a failed tennis career, he became a journalist and did political cartoons for small weekly newspapers in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Before too long, he got in the habit of using the press cameras to take pictures of Republicans walking in and out of the Elks Club. I come to find out he also worked in a genetics lab for the University of California, Riverside, sequencing the DNA of marsupials from New Guinea. Couldn’t hold down that gig, either. Got to the point where reading poetry in jail sounded pretty good, so he set out to steal a book on ethics from a bookstore and then never read it. Of course, this plan, like so many earlier plans of his, never saw the light of day. He did manage to find himself on a children’s game show called FUN HOUSE when he was eleven, though. “I lost on that, too” he told me, with a smile.

All right, there are a few things you ought to know about JENNIFER SHAININ. When I met her, she was weaving a pillow made entirely of U.S. postage stamps and talking about giant penguins in Antarctica that stand six feet tall. She also had a way of winking at you that made you smile even if you were trying not to. “I don’t think a good film needs to be shot on film,” she explained. “Just like I don’t think you have to have a professional actor in order to get a bang-up performance.” In 2002, she picked up her suitcases and left Los Angeles altogether, opting instead for the Pacific Northwest. Apparently, that’s where she grew up, just outside Mount Vernon, doing the graveyard shift on a pea combine when she was just a kid, telling her first stories into a CB radio while sitting under the Northern Lights.


commissioned at Fred 62, Los Feliz, CA. Cinemad visa #38.