made by David Fenster and David Nordstrom. (aka "The Call", 2009, 10 minutes)

Film must:
Include balls.
Holidays on rooftops.
City vs fields (like a density kinda thing).

Born in Miami, David Fenster began making films at the University of Florida at Gainesville. After graduation, he lived briefly in Colorado, making nature documentaries for the Discovery Channel. He then relocated to New York City to work as a freelance videographer and editor. David spent the following two years at the CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS where he received a MFA in film and video. His recent short film "Iron Worm" was commissioned by the band INTERPOL to be released around the world in conjunction with their album Antics. David's animated short "Post Apocalypse Now", which screened at the RESFEST Digital Film Festival, is currently distributed by MICROCINEMA INTERNATIONAL. He directed the feature "Trona" which played festivals worldwide.

David Nordstrom is from Wisconsin. He has been a construction worker, dishwasher, farmhand, and wedding DJ. Currently, he is a graduate student in the film school at CalArts. His thesis film, "A Sea of Troubles" will be completed this fall. In addition to his studies, David sings tenor in The Glad Rags, a barbershop quartet. His feature film acting debut was in David Fenster's "Trona."

Commissioned at Millie's, Los Angeles. Cinemad visa#034.
Nordstrom was bad hungover. May be the first Lunchfilm ever puked.