made by Bill Daniel. (always a work-in-progress)

Film must:
feature a city you love.
if it ain’t in the van, it ain’t in the movie.
dedicate it to the animals.
A constant work-in-progress, he adds something new each show as part of his Sunset Scavenger series, a Creative Capital supported project.

Texas-born, San Francisco exile, and confirmed tramp, Bill Daniel continues to experiment with survivalism and bricolage in his attempts to record and report on the various social margins he often finds himself in. Working without an art or film school education, he endeavors to make work that connects with an outsider audience. His work began in 1980 as he participated in and photo documented the blossoming punk rock scene in Austin, Texas. Daniel's work has received awards from the Film Arts Foundation, The Pioneer Fund, Texas Filmmaker Production Fund, the R & B Feder Charitable Foundation, and The Western States Media Alliance. He is the current Wattis Foundation artist-in-residence at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, where his installation "Souls Harbor" was exhibited in Dec. In 1999 he was in-residence at The Headlands Center for the Arts where he produced several multi-projection 16mm film installations, including "Trespassing Sign" in collaboration with the late Margaret Kilgallen. In 2001 his hobo campfire installation "The Girl on the Train in the Moon" was included in "Widely Unknown" at Deitch Projects in New York. A veteran of the touring scene, Daniel has programmed, booked and exhibited several mobile art shows, including the Lucky Bum Film Tour with partner Vanessa Renwick, screening his hobo graffiti feature film, Who Is Bozo Texino? all over the world.


Commissioned at Taqueria Cancun, San Francisco. Cinemad visa#028.