made by Nina Menkes. (aka “Untitled #1”, 2006, 2 minutes)
Must be made outside the country.
Must be about being outside.

Menkes has produced, written, directed, shot and edited her own 35mm features, working closely with her sister and creative collaborator, Tinka Menkes. Their films have shown widely in major international film festivals including Sundance, Rotterdam, Locarno, London, Viennale, San Francisco, Seattle, Cairo, Toronto as well as at La Cinematheque Francaise, The British Film Institute, the ICA in London, the Beijing Film Academy in China, the Whitney Museum of American Art, MOMA New York, MOCA and LACMA in Los Angeles. Menkes’ many honors include a Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship, two Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, an Annenberg Foundation Independent Media Grant, an American Film Institute Independent Filmmaker Award, three Western States Regional Media Arts Fellowships and two Senior Fulbright Research Awards--one to the Middle East/North Africa, and one to India.


commissioned at Chaya, Venice, CA. cinemad visa #012.